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A single platform to manage commission processes end-to-end!

It’s Time to let Automation do
Effective Commissions!

Sales Commission is a modern end-to-end solution to ensure error-free management of sales compensation and calculations.
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How it Works

BPortaly - Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities


Easy Commission Payments

Enjoy enhanced commission processes to ensure timely payments. Set Commission payments only on paid invoices.

Easy Commission Posting

It facilitates easy recording of commission payments and expenses. Commission expense tracking can also be automated in General Ledger.

Commission Calculations & Adjustments

Accurately calculate commissions on sales transactions through a predefined commission structure. Also, adjust commissions with flexible system adjustments.

Commission Structure & Rules

Easily set up sales reps and agents through a standard employee screen. Commission type can also be created by grouping services or items provided by the buyer.

Effective Commission Tracking

Sales Commission uses General Ledger to track commission expenses. Once commission expenses are recorded, General Ledger and Accounts Payable entries can be linked for accurate commission tracking.

Accurate Reporting

Sales Commission has a user-friendly UI that allows businesses to monitor and analyse business performance from one place.
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The application can run in unison with your business management solution to streamline processes!

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The app works as an automated Sales Commission Calculator. However, it goes beyond just calculations and manages the commission process end-to-end. So, if you want to automate your commission process from calculation to posting, this app comes to your rescue!

The app enables setting up sales commission structures with Sales reps. You can sync it from your ERP.

cloud solution, it is necessary to integrate it with an ERP to get details on invoices.

Accurate Commissions.
Error-Free Calculations.
Streamlined Strategy.

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