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What Our – Happy Client Say

Nikki Tregunna Project & Service Admin / Salesforce Administrator at Summit Innovations (Part-Time)

Great Service and Support
Greytrix has been extremely helpful in our GUMU integration journey between Sage ERP and Salesforce. The team have listened to our requirements and have resolved any issues we have had along the way. The team have been a pleasure to work with and their response time to any issues or questions that have arisen has been fantastic, bearing in mind the difference in our time zones.

Dag Gonzalez Director, Partner Solutions at Datamation Systems Inc.

Exceptional Service and Professional Work
As a Sage customer with a fairly complex list of customizations when the time came to add Salesforce we needed a reliable systems integrator. If you are reading this, you probably realize the skill sets needed to handle complex integration between these system's leave very few partners. Greytrix, along with our other integration teams, provided a complete suite of integration tools, exceptional customer service and reliable support. We are extremely pleased with our outcome and look forward to a long relationship.

Julia Hughes Project Manager at Hainsworth Laundry Company

Great Linking between Salesforce & Sage
Greytrix was great to work with. We had a unique Sage configuration and they were able to get our integration setup very well. The team was very responsive and made sure to keep us up to date on all development.

William Gann Director of Lighting at Brandon Industries

Outstanding Customer Service For a Complex Integration
Greytrix has been extremely helpful in solving our fairly complex integration between our ERP system and Salesforce. They have been able to handle just about everything we've thrown at them that falls within Salesforce's scope of capabilities. They've even been able to come up with some workarounds for some of Salesforce's limitations on some features we need. Rohit and Aseem were particularly helpful with our efforts and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their response time was fantastic when issues arrose (keep in mind we're on completely different time zones) and you could tell they genuinely cared about helping. Highly recommended!

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Who is Greytrix, and why should you choose them for Sage X3?

We’re a certified Sage Partner with a global presence, offering robust ERP and CRM solutions. Try Greytrix for end-to-end Sage X3 services, seamless Sage X3 integration, exceptional customer service, and worldwide recognition as a reliable Sage partner.

What are the outstanding Sage X3 services provided by Greytrix?

Greytrix offers a full suite of Sage X3 services, including implementation, development, integrations, migrations, and consulting. They are a one-stop shop for all your Sage X3 needs.

Will Greytrix's Sage X3 solutions work for your industry too?

Absolutely! Greytrix caters to a wide range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, food & beverages, healthcare, textile & fashion, agriculture, chemical, and distribution. Our solutions are agile and bend as per ever-changing market- trends and business needs.

What makes Greytrix a most-preferred Sage X3 Partner?

We stand out as a proud Sage X3 Partner due to their extensive experience in the Sage ecosystem, exceptional customer service, and a robust global clientele who have rated them highly. Trust them for a seamless Sage X3 experience.

Can Greytrix customize Sage X3 to fit the unique needs of my business?

Yes, Greytrix excels in customizing Sage X3 to fit the specific needs of your business. We understand that every business is unique, and we leverage our technical prowess to tailor Sage X3 according to your system complexities, workflows, and business structure.

What to Expect From the Migration Process

GUMU™ Support

GUMU™ Support is what makes our Data Migration stand out. GUMU™ is our one-click platform that doesn’t save your data in integration or migration.

Data Collection

Data collection is the first step in the process. Our consultant will assist you in determining which data you want to migrate and which you don’t.

Data Scrubbing

Data scrubbing will help you pick out and scrub data that is no longer needed. In addition, duplicate files will also be eliminated from the data system.

Data Organizing

For a smooth and consolidated migration, you will want your data to be combined and organized. The process can be expedited using Sage X3’s data upload templates.

Data Loading

The organized data is then loaded and migrated to the Sage X3 system using the champion - GUMU™.

Automate Niche Processes with Our Robust Sage X3 Native Apps

Shipping App

A built-in solution in Sage X3 for shipping businesses, the Shipping App streamlines shipping-related tasks. It allows you to automate the entire shipping process while ensuring seamless communication with end users.

Real-Time Shipment

Users can request quotes from different carriers. You can choose the best among the available options as per your needs and requirements.

Print Shipment Documents

The Shipping App also gives users the option to print shipment documents post shipment like BOL, Ship Label, Packing List, and UCC 128.

Multi-Carrier Shipping

The multi-carrier shipping option lets you choose different carrier options in a single shipment. The details of each carrier are stored separately.

Easy Tracking

Shipment tracking with Shipping App is easy and seamless. The intuitive UI allows one to easily monitor the parcel status from a given carrier.

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Precise Commission Calculations

The accurate predefined commission structure ensures error-free commission calculation on sales transactions posted from OE or AP modules.

Flexible Commission Structure

The employee screen allows you to set up sales reps and agents. One can also group services or items to create a Commission Type.

Timely Commission Payments

The app records commission payments and expenses in respective entities. The streamlined management supports easy tracking and timely payments.

Reporting and Inquiries

Sales Commission has a user-friendly UI that helps in generating better reports and inquiries. It also allows one to track and monitor performance from a single place.

Sales Commission

Built using Sage X3 platform services, the Sales Commission App helps streamline the commission processes, making it quicker to calculate complicated and tedious calculations. It can be a great addition to your ERP to ensure the seamless running of your business.

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Catch Weight

A solution specially designed for Food and Process manufacturing businesses to help them achieve value chain precision. Catch Weight add-on for Sage X3 system also allows you to manage business processes.

All-Product Support

The app allows one to weigh products accurately, irrespective of their type and size. This makes weight management easier.

Multiple Packaging Variations

Each order differs in its size and weight. Hence, Catch Weight support multiple packaging options. This gives a business a different packaging option for each product.

Accurate Pricing

Accurate weight calculation of a product allows a food and manufacturing business to quote accurate pricing. This, as a result, allows them to sell a product piece by piece.

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Accurate Data Mapping

You can ensure accurate data mapping to the required documents. This reduces the risk of data redundancy.

Outward Letter of Credit

Easily manage Export LC processes from Sage X3 system. It includes features like the LC amendment facility, shipment schedule creation, automated accounting transaction, and more.

Inward Letter of Credit

It manages the import LC processing features such as LC margin, multiple indents, LC expense recognition, invoice settlement, currency

Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit serves as an intermediary assurance document to sellers for international business/transactions. It works as a guarantee letter issued as an obligation to make a full and final settlement by the bank if the buyer fails to make the payment.

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Our Migration Services Allow You to Understand Your Systems Better

Greytrix offers expert Sage 300 Migration Services to help businesses smoothly transition to a more advanced and efficient system. Our team of migration specialists understands the intricacies of Sage 300 and brings extensive experience in handling data migration projects. Choose Greytrix as your Sage 300 migration partner and experience a hassle-free transition to a better system.

We Are With You at Every Step With Our 360° ERP Consulting Services

With Greytrix Sage 300 Consulting Services, thoroughly understand your Sage 300 ecosystem and its best practices. Whether you are implementing Sage 300 for the first time, upgrading to a new version, or seeking to optimize your current setup, our consultants will guide you. As your Sage 300 Partner, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We strive to provide techno-functional support and assistance throughout your Sage 300 journey.

Try Greytrix for Sage 300 Consulting Services to unlock our expertise, industry knowledge, and commitment to your success.

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Real-Time Shipment

Return Shipment process

Automated Documentation

Automated Documentation

Supports Multiple Carrier

Supports Multiple Carrier

Rate Quote

Rate Quote

Real-Time Shipment

Real-Time Shipment

Shipment Tracking Dashboard

Shipment Tracking Dashboard

Shipping Workbench

Shipping Workbench

Precise Reports

Precise Reports

Our GUMU™ seamlessly migrates from QuickBooks to Sage 100 ERP by maintaining data integrity and security. We support you throughout the migration process until the new system is fully operational to ensure a smooth transition. With our GUMU™ connector, data migration is made easy for standard modules such as General Ledger, Bank, Tax, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Purchase Order, and Sales Order/Order Entry. If the user chooses to only migrate either Open Transactions or History, GUMU™ creates a summary document for entity mapping.

Migrating from Sage 50 US to Sage 100 provides excellent flexibility to meet the unique needs of any enterprise. GUMU™ offers migrations for System data such as Multi-Currency, Banks, and Taxes, Core Financial data including G/L, A/P, and A/R, and Distribution data such as I/C, PO, and OE. This process involves Extraction, Transformation, and Loading and eliminates the need for custom coding, resulting in faster data access, integration, and delivery.

Why choose us Shipping App

Why Choose Our Solution?

Customer-First Approach Shipping App

Customer-First Approach

Sage System Mastery Shipping App

Sage System Mastery

Maintenance and Monitoring

Multi-Dimensional Skillset

Dedicated Support Shipping App

Dedicated Support

Key Specs

Real-Time Shipment

Return Shipment Process

Automated Documentation

Automated Documentation

Supports Multiple Carrier

Supports Multiple Carrier

Rate Quote

Rate Quote

Real-Time Shipment

Real-Time Shipment

Shipment Tracking Dashboard

Shipment Tracking Dashboard

Shipping Workbench

Shipping Workbench

Precise Reports

Precise Reports

Introducing the Shipping App:
Your Modern-Day Automation Solution

In the age of automation, our Shipping App is the ultimate solution for optimizing your shipping processes. It seamlessly works with any ERP or any other system, reducing the need for manual intervention and enhancing workflow efficiency. This comprehensive freight management solution handles everything from generating quotes to managing return processes, making it a versatile tool for modern logistics. It’s designed to work seamlessly with your current system and is compatible with renowned carriers like FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL, ensuring a hassle-free shipping experience.

Our native solution is a one-stop destination, eliminating shipping errors, enabling real-time communication with carriers, and automating vital document generation. Experience the future of shipping management with our Shipping App, where efficiency and accuracy are paramount, and logistics are simplified for your convenience.

Shipping Solution IMG
Effortlessly Integrate It With Your System
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Unlock Shipping Efficiency with BPortaly

BPortaly – Partner Portal

BPortaly is a one-stop-solution for businesses looking to seamlessly manage their customer base, supplier network, sales commissions, and shipping needs. With a user-friendly web portal and mobile app, BPortaly offers a suite of specialized applications to automate workflows, streamline niche processes, and improve efficiency.

This app is also available on BPortaly. Checkout now!

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