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Are you looking to take your Salesforce configuration game to the next level? Let our certified Salesforce experts guide you to build customized solutions that resonate with your business. With our in-depth Salesforce platform knowledge and decade-long experience, we’ve constructed a unique Salesforce Customization skillset having detailed analysis, installation and configuration, techno-functional support, Salesforce implementation, and much more to meet your ever-changing needs.

Our configuration and customization services are all about making Salesforce work for you. Let us help you build a platform that’s efficient, effective, and tailored to your needs. Unfold more about the customization skillset below

Seamless Solutions, Customized For You

At Greytrix, we thoroughly understand Salesforce’s technical tools and features. Our salesforce experts have expertise in Apex development and Visualforce pages to Lightning components. We’re committed to crafting tailored solutions with the latest Salesforce releases and updates, ensuring our clients always receive the best possible service. So, if you want to make your sales processes future-ready, trust our team’s technical prowess to help you achieve your business goals.

UI Development

● Visualforce
● Aura Component
● Lightning Web Component

Custom Business Logic

● Flow & Workflows
● Process Builder
● Approval process & Permission & Set
● Batch/Schedulable class
● Concurrent/Sequential execution

Integrate on

● Apex Web Services & Apex Callouts
● Batch Integration
● Real-time Integration

Our Customer Co-operation Model

Greytrix, as an esteemed Salesforce Partner, has tailor-made models for Salesforce customization that cater to niche customer needs at every customization stage. So, choose that fits you best:

Fixed: Hourly / Daily (Small)

● Basic Requirement & Ball Park Quote Approval
● Detailed Analysis & Quote in Range
● Approval & Change Management

Fixed:Cost (Large)

● Cost Analysis & Approval Analysis (Chargeable)
● Analysis, Design Locked & Fixed Cost
● Change Management

Dedicated Offshore Development (Long Term)

● Fixed Monthly Rates, Project Management & Technical Help Provided
● Staff Selection & Time Overlaps
● Direct Control

Time and Material (Short Term)

● Hourly / Daily Rates & Daily Reporting
● Consulting
● Upgrades and Non-Estimate Projects

Our Customization Services Suite

Unleash the Power of Salesforce Customization - Your Way!
●The world of Salesforce customization comes with Salesforce custom fields; you can track and store information to fit your unique needs

● Meet your sales deadlines on time, streamline your sales pipeline and boost customer engagement with create custom reports & easy-to-use dashboards.

● With Salesforce custom setting email templates having sleek designs, eye-catching styles, and various texts, you can target profitable audiences, increase your conversion ratio, and get more subscriptions.
Workflow Automation, & UI Enhancements – Salesforce CRM System Redefined for You!
● Connect your business confidently through powerful Salesforce Integration and third-party integration using our expert REST/SOAP API web services.

● Manage your CRM Customization with custom workflow automation and simplify your daily tasks with process builders and apex code.

● Enhance your brand's credibility with a Salesforce platform UI makeover that accurately reflects your visual identity. Let's make your Salesforce experience more connected, efficient, and immersive.
Hassle-Free Salesforce Data Management with Bulk Data Loader - Just for You!
● No more manual data management with our bulk data loader that sets up collective updates, deletions, and other actions for groups of Salesforce records using the bulk API.

● Whether you need to process large amounts of data, increase data transparency or minimize data redundancies, our bulk data loader is the solution for you, saving you time and effort.

Customized Salesforce Products Tailored to Your Needs

Analytics Cloud
Present your content in an attractive Circle layout item 1. You can highlight key information with click or hover effects and style it as per your preference.
Community Cloud
Present your content in an attractive Circle layout item 3. You can highlight key information with click or hover effects and style it as per your preference.
Einstein Analytics
Present your content in an attractive Circle layout item 2. You can highlight key information with click or hover effects and style it as per your preference.
Salesforce CPQ
Present your content in an attractive Circle layout item 4. You can highlight key information with click or hover effects and style it as per your preference.
Marketing Cloud
Present your content in an attractive Circle layout item 5. You can highlight key information with click or hover effects and style it as per your preference.
Salesforce Pardot
Present your content in an attractive Circle layout item 6. You can highlight key information with click or hover effects and style it as per your preference.
Service Cloud
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Unleash your data's potential with salesforce analytics cloud with instant data insights, high visibility, and flawless CRM integration.

● Intuitive data visualization and dashboards
● Powerful data exploration and analysis tools
● Collaborative data discovery and sharing

Modify community cloud-based solutions as your business needs to manage your relationships with customers, partners, or employees like never before.

● Customized sign-in and verification methods.
● Tailored user interface and visual design.
● Advanced gamification features.
● Integration with databases and third-party tools.

Drive better results with Salesforce AI-powered capabilities to boost your sales, deliver exceptional customer experience, and have customizable workflows.

● Custom predictions and recommendations powered by AI
● Automatic email segmentation
● Sentiment analysis
● Chatbots for customer service

Make the sales process hassle-free with Salesforce CPQ that simplifies your sales workflows, generates quotes in minutes, and helps you to close more deals.

● Standardized Quote Generation
● Configurable Price Calculations
● Thorough Quote Validation
Rapid Approval Process

Boost your marketing success with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and leverage data insights to create customer journeys that connect!

● Customised templates for emails and text messages
● Customised events, content blocks, and activities
● Email, social media, and third-party tool integration

Take your sales and marketing to the next level by generating more leads, nurturing them into customers, and tracking their interactions with your business.

● Lead scoring and grading to prioritize sales efforts.
● Dynamic content and progressive profiling for better engagement.
● Advanced tracking and analytics for campaign performance insights.
● Personalized email marketing.

Revolutionize your customer support experience with Salesforce Service Cloud by personalizing interactions, building lasting loyalty, and driving customer success.

● Customizable contacts, accounts, and cases
● Responsive and user-friendly self-service pages
● Intelligent customer service automation
● Seamless chatbot integration.

Why Choose Greytrix?

Sage Pioneers:

With a decade-long presence as a prime Sage Partner and expertise in ERP and CRM, we deliver top-notch ERP integrations with CRM, and third-party apps.

55+ 5 Star Reviews & Counting:

We’re thrilled to have received 55+ 5 Star Reviews & Counting from satisfied customers that have experienced the power of our custom-built solutions and innovative services.

Salesforce Masters:

When it comes to Salesforce, we’re the ones you can count on. As a trusted Salesforce Partner with our in-depth knowledge of Salesforce, we can tackle any system concerns.

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On Salesforce Platforms Since 2014:

With a decade-long Salesforce Partnership under our belt, we’re proud to say that we’re listed on all prime Salesforce Platforms, allowing us to deliver the best to you.

High Value, Low Costs:

We know that every penny counts. That’s why we’ve built affordable ERP and CRM solutions that meet your business needs and all sizes.

Minimize Data Concerns:

Ready for an integrator that puts your data first? GUMU™ is the answer for secure data integration that guarantees data privacy, security, and integrity.

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Dag Gonzalez Director, Partner Solutions at Datamation Systems Inc.

Exceptional Service and Professional Work
As a Sage customer with a fairly complex list of customizations when the time came to add Salesforce we needed a reliable systems integrator. If you are reading this, you probably realize the skill sets needed to handle complex integration between these system's leave very few partners. Greytrix, along with our other integration teams, provided a complete suite of integration tools, exceptional customer service and reliable support. We are extremely pleased with our outcome and look forward to a long relationship.

Julia Hughes Project Manager at Hainsworth Laundry Company

Great Linking between Salesforce & Sage
Greytrix was great to work with. We had a unique Sage configuration and they were able to get our integration setup very well. The team was very responsive and made sure to keep us up to date on all development.

William Gann Director of Lighting at Brandon Industries

Outstanding Customer Service For a Complex Integration
Greytrix has been extremely helpful in solving our fairly complex integration between our ERP system and Salesforce. They have been able to handle just about everything we've thrown at them that falls within Salesforce's scope of capabilities. They've even been able to come up with some workarounds for some of Salesforce's limitations on some features we need. Rohit and Aseem were particularly helpful with our efforts and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their response time was fantastic when issues arrose (keep in mind we're on completely different time zones) and you could tell they genuinely cared about helping. Highly recommended!

Nikki Tregunna Project & Service Admin / Salesforce Administrator at Summit Innovations (Part-Time)

Great Service and Support
Greytrix has been extremely helpful in our GUMU integration journey between Sage ERP and Salesforce. The team have listened to our requirements and have resolved any issues we have had along the way. The team have been a pleasure to work with and their response time to any issues or questions that have arisen has been fantastic, bearing in mind the difference in our time zones.

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What types of Salesforce customizations can Greytrix provide?

We offer many Salesforce customizations, including custom fields, objects, workflows, and apps. We also provide easy-to-use reports and dashboards to suit business-specific needs.

How does Greytrix approach Salesforce customization projects?

We have proven technology and strategic approach to Salesforce projects, starting with a deep project analysis and collaborating closely with clients to ensure fast customization.

Can Greytrix help businesses optimize their Salesforce workflows?

Yes, we help businesses to streamline their Salesforce workflows by improving efficiency and minimizing manual intervention.

How can Greytrix customize Salesforce for specific industries?

We have seasoned experience customizing Salesforce for various industries, such as Non-Profit, Accounting, Healthcare, Finance, and Manufacturing services.

Can Greytrix provide mobile-friendly Salesforce customizations? 

We offer mobile-friendly Salesforce customizations optimized for smartphones and tablets that are responsive and user-friendly on all devices.

How can Greytrix help businesses customize Salesforce for their specific needs?

We collaborate closely with you to understand their needs and customize Salesforce accordingly. Also, we offer expert guidance, advice, and training on the optimal use of Salesforce.

Can Greytrix provide post-customization support for Salesforce?

Yes, we provide constant support for Salesforce customizations with various support options, including phone, email, chat support, and a committed one-point contact team.

How does Greytrix ensure the quality of Salesforce customizations?

We offer strict quality assurance protocols to ensure our customizations are thoroughly assessed and crafted the way you want. Also, we assure you of hassle-free post-deployment.

How can businesses measure the success of Salesforce customizations provided by Greytrix?

We collaborate closely with you to set actionable goals and objectives to track your success over time with our regular reports and analytics to measure optimal performance.

How can Greytrix help businesses migrate to a customized Salesforce environment?

We provide end-to-end migration services for businesses migrating to a customized Salesforce environment. Our solutions are powered by GUMU™, assuring you the complete support you want to match your system complexities and industry needs.

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