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Have a smooth Salesforce Migration with GUMU™

Our skilled Salesforce Migration team has a niche approach, future-ready strategy, and result-driven solutions to maintain perfect harmony between all business sizes, assuring an effortless Salesforce migration experience. Migrate with our champion – GUMU™, to automate labour-oriented tasks like data cleansing, organizing, and de-duplicating. The unknown fact of GUMU™ is that it’s not middleware means it does not store data during data synchronization. This makes it more reliable to the users as it also built on and makes your data management is simpler, faster, and more secure. Your data is safe with GUMU™!

How can our Salesforce Migration services help you?

Switching to a new Salesforce service can be challenging since businesses still need to determine whether it serves their needs to the fullest. Don’t fret, though, as Greytrix Advantage is your advantage. So, what’s in our Salesforce Migration services store for you?

Which systems do we migrate with Salesforce?



Sage CRM

Custom Migrations to Salesforce

Which systems do we migrate with Salesforce?



Sage CRM

Custom Migrations to Salesforce

Enhance & Evolve your CRM experience with our Salesforce AMS

As valued Salesforce Implementation Experts and Consulting Partners, we take pride in delivering exceptional service that goes beyond the initial implementation. With our dedicated focus on your success, we offer in-moment query resolution, expert guidance, and on-demand training sessions to ensure a hassle-free Salesforce implementation.

Our commitment to excellence extends further with Salesforce AMS (Application Management Services), providing complete ongoing support to empower your growth. With 24/7 Support Services, direct and efficient Communication Channels, and thoughtfully crafted Scope Strategies, we guide your journey towards sustained success.

Choose Greytrix as your Salesforce AMS partner and experience unparalleled ongoing support, flawless implementation experience, and guidance that leads to Salesforce excellence. Your success is our priority, and we are here to empower your business every step of the way.

What are the steps that we follow for migration?

Our tried and tested Salesforce migration Process offers businesses flawless data synchronization, simplified data structures, real-time data insights, and holistic data transparency. Take a quick look at Salesforce migration that we follow

Data Analysis

Data Standardization

Data Mapping

Sandbox Import & Demo

Data Migration

Validating Data & User Adoption

Why Choose Greytrix?

Sage Pioneers:

With a decade-long presence as a prime Sage Partner and expertise in ERP and CRM, we deliver top-notch ERP integrations with CRM, and third-party apps.

55+ 5 Star Reviews & Counting:

We’re thrilled to have received 55+ 5 Star Reviews & Counting from satisfied customers that have experienced the power of our custom-built solutions and innovative services.

Salesforce Masters:

When it comes to Salesforce, we’re the ones you can count on. As a trusted Salesforce Partner with our in-depth knowledge of Salesforce, we can tackle any system concerns.

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On Salesforce Platforms Since 2014:

With a decade-long Salesforce Partnership under our belt, we’re proud to say that we’re listed on all prime Salesforce Platforms, allowing us to deliver the best to you.

High Value, Low Costs:

We know that every penny counts. That’s why we’ve built affordable ERP and CRM solutions that meet your business needs and all sizes.

Minimize Data Concerns:

Ready for an integrator that puts your data first? GUMU™ is the answer for secure data integration that guarantees data privacy, security, and integrity.

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Dag Gonzalez Director, Partner Solutions at Datamation Systems Inc.

Exceptional Service and Professional Work
As a Sage customer with a fairly complex list of customizations when the time came to add Salesforce we needed a reliable systems integrator. If you are reading this, you probably realize the skill sets needed to handle complex integration between these system's leave very few partners. Greytrix, along with our other integration teams, provided a complete suite of integration tools, exceptional customer service and reliable support. We are extremely pleased with our outcome and look forward to a long relationship.

Julia Hughes Project Manager at Hainsworth Laundry Company

Great Linking between Salesforce & Sage
Greytrix was great to work with. We had a unique Sage configuration and they were able to get our integration setup very well. The team was very responsive and made sure to keep us up to date on all development.

William Gann Director of Lighting at Brandon Industries

Outstanding Customer Service For a Complex Integration
Greytrix has been extremely helpful in solving our fairly complex integration between our ERP system and Salesforce. They have been able to handle just about everything we've thrown at them that falls within Salesforce's scope of capabilities. They've even been able to come up with some workarounds for some of Salesforce's limitations on some features we need. Rohit and Aseem were particularly helpful with our efforts and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their response time was fantastic when issues arrose (keep in mind we're on completely different time zones) and you could tell they genuinely cared about helping. Highly recommended!

Nikki Tregunna Project & Service Admin / Salesforce Administrator at Summit Innovations (Part-Time)

Great Service and Support
Greytrix has been extremely helpful in our GUMU integration journey between Sage ERP and Salesforce. The team have listened to our requirements and have resolved any issues we have had along the way. The team have been a pleasure to work with and their response time to any issues or questions that have arisen has been fantastic, bearing in mind the difference in our time zones.

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Does Greytrix offer training & ongoing support to businesses after migration?

Yes, we provide post-migration training until you get familiar with the new system and can make the most of its processes, features, and functionality.

How does Greytrix ensure seamless and secure data transfer migrations?

Our GUMU™ – champion integrator, is built on and is not a middleware. Hence, your data gets transferred securely without any data loss/lags and/or security concerns.

Can Greytrix manage large-scale data migrations for Salesforce?

Our robust solutions are custom-built to manage all types and sizes of data migrations. Our expertise ensures your data is secure, accurate, and efficient.

How can Greytrix help businesses migrate from legacy systems to Salesforce?

We migrate from legacy systems, third-party apps, and industry-specific systems to Salesforce by assuring you a smooth transition.

How does Greytrix ensure the accuracy of data during Salesforce migrations?

We have a rigorous process to ensure data accuracy during migration. It includes data mapping, data cleansing, and data validation.

What are the response times for Greytrix's Salesforce support services?

We guarantee a response time of less than 24 hours for all support requests. We resolve your small to big quickly until you are entirely worry-free.

Does Greytrix offer remote support Salesforce services?

Sorry as we are based in India, we do not offer remote support. We are available for an online helpdesk. Also, you can reach us through calls, mail, and social.

Do we include training and knowledge transfer as part of our support services?

We provide training and knowledge transfer through our support services, enabling businesses to build their internal capabilities and reduce reliance on external support.

What types of issues can Greytrix's Salesforce support team help with?

Our support team helps you with various technical issues, user support, data management, and system customization.

Can Greytrix provide customized support plans based on specific business needs?

Yes, we provide customized support plans based on specific business needs, enabling businesses to choose the level of support that best meets their requirements.

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